Is e-mail marketing on the way out?

Latest figures from Epsilion in the US show that the opening rates and click through rates are in sharp decline. Baffling for me, they say that ‘Despite concerns about the declining effectiveness of advertising and the challenging economy, e-mail continued to perform consistently in 2008.. .’

The figures contradict this. There is no need to see the full set Q by Q as they have declined steadily period on period. So I quote from the first and the last:

Q3 2006 has an Open Rate of 23.9% and a Click Through Rate of 7.3%

Q3 2008 has an Open Rate of 19.8% and a Click Through Rate of 5.9%

That means that the Open Rate has declined by 20% and the Click Through Rate by 19%
These don’t look like healthy figures at all.

The reasons are simple:

- the novelty rate of getting e-mail marketing messages has declined

- as more e-mail marketing is done, the content quality has declined both generally and that irrelevant messages are being sent.

- spamming is increasing

- marketers aren’t personalising their message in the way that will increase engagement

If I were Epsilon, I would be worried.



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