Opt Out Rates

The more you e-mail your customers, the more likely they are to ignore, or worse, opt out.

So the simple answer is to only e-mail with an optimal frequency. This can be tested of course.

The problem is that customers sign-up to more than one company to receive e-mails from and the more they get, the more likely that they will ignore everything. After all, none of your customers wants to waste time checking and filtering all their e-mails.

So you might be behaving responsibly but other`s won`t.

So how do you cut through the clutter?

The obvious answer is to be consistently relevant but more importantly ensure that each e-mail offers a real and immediate benefit. Too many e-mails are the equivalent of a `nice weather today` conversation. They don`t have anything to say.

And neither going on for the umpteenth time about a brand benefit will gain any traction.

E-mails should only communicate a call action; it should be immediate and should truly benefit the customer.

Have you ever asked your customers whether they like the e-mails they get from you?

You may be relevant and personalised but is your tone right? Perhaps the e-mails you send are just plain boring.

And do you assume that because someone has given permission you can send them any old junk? And what about your e-mail agency? How responsible are they?

Have you thought about using a preference centre?

And have you got an on-line research panel?

More customers are ignoring more e-mails. Do something now!


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